Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pregnancy Journal...37 Weeks

Whoa!  37 weeks?  Wasn't it just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant?  Have that many weeks gone by so fast?  I have enjoyed this pregnancy so much, and I accomplished more than what I thought I would... i.e running an 8K at 8 weeks, keeping up with a toddler, working full time, etc...This has been an amazing experience!  Here are some prego stats for you:

Belly Button: When I laugh it sticks out like a hernia
Best Moment: Having a weekend alone with my amazing husband
BP: 100/62
Dilation: My OB's NP didn't check me today...I didn't feel the need to be violated this early in the morning
Effacement: See above
Food Aversions: Eggs...still!
Gender: ???
Maternity Clothes: Yep and I'll miss them when they're gone
Sleep: 6-7 hours
Stretch Marks: Not yet...please please continue to be kind to me baby
Symptoms: Feet in my ribs and a head that feels like it's literally trying to bust through my cervix
Weight: 150 lb (up 1 lb...26 lb total)

37 Weeks

I found something an interesting while surfing the internet.  Someone wrote a letter to their second baby before they were born.  I thought that was a creative idea so I'm going to mimic that letter to my second baby.

Dear Second Baby,

Your release date is three weeks away.  I do hope that you've been able to familiarize yourself with not only me but Daddy, Jake, and the dogs.  So just in case you are scared or unsure about coming into the world, here are some tidbits to ensure your survival in this family.

Mommy: I'm the one whose uterus you have occupied for the past 37 weeks.  I'm much better looking on the outside than what you are seeing on the inside.  FYI, I won't be looking my best when we first meet.  And you'll find that I have some Mama Bear tendencies...don't worry that just means I will do everything in my power to protect you.  I'm in love with you already, and I haven't even met you yet!

Daddy: This is the big guy that likes to hang around Mommy; however, his body is unable to produce any milk so try not to hold that against him.  Although you might do just that if your appetite is anything like your brother's.  You will find very quickly that you are blessed as can be because the best daddy in the world belongs to you.  He'll play with you and teach you new things, but I must warn you that he is not as easy to manipulate as I probably will be.

Big Brother Jake: He is the one who got here first.  You will inherit quite a few things from him (that is if you are a boy).  He is the one you probably hear from the inside screaming for "bites" and tormenting the puppy dogs as well as running non stop until bed time.  I have no desire to compare you to him because you are a completely different human being.  And that is okay!  Don't let anyone make you feel inferior just because you are not exactly like your big brother.  I do think that Jake will be a good big brother to you...even if he torments you at home.  He's already giving you hugs and kisses.

The Furry Ones: Oliver and Jack-Jack:  They were somewhat put out by your brother's arrival; however, they have built up a tolerance to Jake's crazy antics...especially Jack-Jack.  I suggest that when you are old enough, toss them some scraps, and they will be your best friends.

Accommodations:  You'll be rooming with Mommy and Daddy at first, but eventually you will get your own room!  I must warn you, your crib will be simple without anything in blankets or stuffed animals.  We're not cruel, but we want to keep you safe.  And you will find that Mommy's line of work makes her paranoid and even crazy when it comes to the safety of you and Jake.  A fair warning to you: Daddy will push to get you into your own room as soon as you are ready...even if Mommy is not.  Don't pay any attention to Mommy's tears when that happens (I did the same thing when Jake was ready to move into his own room)

Our Hours: 7 A.M- 8 P.M*
*Because you are brand new we'll provide you with late night meals, early morning meals, diaper changes as well as clothing changes.  We may have to resort to sleep training you like we did with Jake...again pay no attention to Mommy's tears when and if that happens.  It's for everyone's good that we all get a good night's sleep.

I hope this will help ease your transition into this world.  I love you so much already!  Thank you for making us a family of four!