Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pregnancy Journal...20 Weeks

Here we are again!  As of yesterday I am 20 weeks along, and I feel amazing!  As stated previously, I LOVE the second trimester of pregnancy.  I've started running and doing yoga once again as well as taking Jake swimming on the days that I have off from work.  Michael and I have been trying to introduce Baby #2 to Jake, but I'm not sure he has gotten the concept of what is happening.  However, when I ask him "where's the baby?" he points to my belly and says "baby".  He will even kiss and hug my sweet is that?  I think he will be an amazing big brother.  I have to be honest, I feel bad that we're going to turn Jake's world upside down by giving him a sibling so I've been spoiling him just a little bit.

This pregnancy has been pretty similar to my pregnancy with Jake.  There have been a few differences: I have felt this baby move earlier and way more than what I did with Jake, I still have those pesky antibodies floating through my blood( my titer is 1:2, the normal titer is 1:1), and I'm not eating as much with this pregnancy.  We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning and everything looks perfect.  As far as measurements go everything is at or above average with the exception of the baby's femur (which isn't surprising since Michael and I are about as tall as midgets).  I have decided that I want to be surprised as far as knowing the sex of the baby.  The only person who knows is Michael, and he plans to decorate the nursery himself.  We've decided what we want as far as decorations go for the nursery, and we have finally decided on names for the baby.  For a boy: Joshua Clark.  For a girl: Madeline Elizabeth.

Here are some prego stats for you:
     Belly Button: In
     Best Moment This Week: It's a toss up between Jake hugging and kissing my belly and the ultrasound I had this morning.
     Cravings: Veggie subs from any sandwich place I can find
     Food Aversion: Eggs...I just can't do them.
     Gender: ???
     Maternity Clothes: Yep :) (so far just a pair of jeans and a tank top)
     Morning Sickness: Nope :)
     Movement: All the time!
     Sleep: About 7-8 hr at night (Thank you Jake for being an excellent sleeper from the beginning!)
     Stretch Marks: Not yet(knock on wood)
     Symptoms: My hips and lower back are a little sore, but I'm assuming it's from carrying the extra weight while running.
     Weight: 130lb (up 4lb...7lb total)

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