Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pregnancy Journal...Catching Up

I'm very blessed to announce that I am 16 weeks pregnant, and I have decided to keep a journal/blog of my pregnancy journey.  I didn't keep one with Jake, and I regret it because as time keeps on going the memories are becoming more and more distant, which makes me sad.

Michael and I decided to create an addition to our growing family.  Jake has been such an incredible blessing in our lives that we decided to give him a playmate.   We stopped preventing in late February and on St. Patty's Day I found out I was pregnant.  Hooray!  Due November 24, 2014.  My excitement was cut a little short because at 6 weeks I started spotting.  After a blood draw, a vaginal ultrasound(OUCH), and a speculum I found that everything was okay.  About a week later the spotting stopped.  Sometimes spotting just happens in the first trimester for no particular reason.  Before I became pregnant I signed up for a half marathon, and I was planning on continuing training for it but the growing baby inside had other plans.  At about 7 weeks I started vomiting all the time, and I was exhausted.  My race was April 12 which put me at about 8 weeks.  At the last minute I switched from a half marathon to an 8K.  I'm proud to say that I completed my 8K in fifty minutes...and as soon as I crossed the finish line I threw up in the nearest trash can.  Exhaustion and vomiting sums up the majority of my first trimester of this pregnancy.  I was tired with Jake, but I never vomited.  After my 9 week appointment I received a phone call from my OB telling me my blood work showed antibodies, which is odd because Michael's blood type is A- and mine is B-.  My OB isn't sure why these antibodies are building up, but the good news is that the normal titer is 1:1 and my antibodies are 1:2.  What this means is that I get the pleasure of being poked at every. single. OB appointment that I have from here on out.  I have had four blood draws and each time my titer has been 1:2.  So lets just say a prayer those levels don't increase.  I try extremely hard not to think about the 'what ifs', but that's difficult given my work experience in NICU...which brings me to my next point: I try my best not to worry about every little thing that could go wrong.  When I was pregnant with Jake I didn't take the time to enjoy it because I spent every waking moment worrying about what could go wrong.  I don't want to worry during this pregnancy like I did with Jake. 

Can I just say that I absolutely adore the second trimester of pregnancy?  When I hit 14 weeks I had a sudden burst of energy and I didn't feel the need to vomit every second of the day.  Love the second trimester!  Love it love it love it!  I've started running again, I'm much more interactive with my son (as opposed to just laying on the couch while my toddler reeks havoc in the house),and I don't feel completely worn out after my twelve hour shift at work.  My 16 week appointment was today, I've gained two pounds in one month, and my antibody levels are the same (1:2).

Here are some 16 wk prego stats:
Weight: 126(up 2 pounds)
Morning sickness: Not anymore!
Cravings: fruit and barbecue sandwiches
Food Aversions: chicken, bacon, and eggs (depending on how they're cooked)
Maternity Clothes: not yet, just my belly belt
Stretch Marks: not yet
Belly Button: in

                                                           *How I told Michael I was pregnant
                                                           *8 Weeks
                                                              *12 Weeks
                                                               *15 Weeks
                                                               *And most "important" the Facebook announcement