Monday, March 2, 2015

Growing Up With J & J

Here we are...Josh turned 3 months on February 23, and Jake The Snake turned the big 3 on January 10.  I had the idea to create continual posts of the boys as they get older.  Before I can write about their current height, weight, milestones, etc I need to go all the way back to this time last year.  I'll start with Jake-Man...

For Jake's 2nd birthday Michael and I decided to do a fireman theme.  Firefighters hold a special place in my heart because my maternal grandfather was a firefighter.  There are multiple pictures of me and my brother next to the firetruck that my grandfather rode in.  My grandfather passed away when I was sixteen, and when I was twenty four Evansville bought a couple of new firetrucks and one of the firetrucks was named after my grandfather.  Anyways, Jake loved his fireman cake and all of his presents.  Both sets of grandparents were at his party along with most of his aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Jimmy Johns sandwiches were served along with water, tea, brownies, cake and ice cream. 

Here are Jake Man's stats at 2 years:
Height: 34 in (3%)
Weight: 24lb (10%)
Immunizations: Hepatitis A
Favorite foods: Milk, Bananas, Kiwis, Apricots, Green Beans, Ribs
Loves: Blankie, Oliver, Jack-Jack
Favorite Books: Chica Chica Boom Boom
Sleep Habits: 12 hours at night and a 2 hour nap during the day
Disposition: Jake is so busy!  From the time he wakes up he is constantly on the go.  He loves trucks, reading, and his puppies.  Jake Man is also strong willed and becoming more and more independent as the days go by.  He doesn't say a lot of words yet, but it will only be a matter of time.  Jake is the happiest little guy.  We can't imagine our lives without him!

Jake and I in the firetruck named after my grandfather

Blank firefighter invitation that I found on pintrest
Jake's firetruck cake
Two Year Old Jake

  Jake Man's Stats at 3 Years Old:

Height: 36.5 in (25%)
Weight: 29lb (25%)
Immunizations:  No shots this time around!
Favorite Foods: Ribs, Rice, Bread, Pizza, any kind of fruit
Loves: Joshie and Blankie
Favorite Books: Chica Chica Boom Boom, Steam Train Dream Train, A Little Bug Went Kachoo!
Sleep Habits: Still sleeps 12 hours at night along with a 2 hour nap during the day
Disposition:  Jake has become so much more independent over the past year.  He was officially potty trained during the summer of 2014.  Jake Man is extremely strong willed but has the sweetest spirit.  He is very compassionate and loving.  He amazes me at how smart he is.  He is talking so much more than what he was this time last year.  He's speaking complete sentence and actually reasons very well.  Jake is still extremely busy and is on the go.  When I'm out with both Jake and Josh people comment that I "have my hands full", and my response is usually "yes but so is my heart".
Three Year Old Jake

Josh is very similar to Jake as an infant.  Joshie is a great sleeper, a good eater and very happy.  I'll go through Josh's milestones month by month and give a comparison picture to Jake.

Here are Josh's One Month Stats:

Height: 21in (25%) -------> comparison to big bro: 21in
Weight: 10lb 2oz (50%)-------> comparison to big bro: 9lb 9oz
Eating Habits:  Every 2-3 hours getting pumped breast milk or formula.  He is a slow eater, sometimes it will take him 45 minutes to finish a bottle.  His bottle has to be just the right temperature, or he won't take it.  That is a HUGE difference between him and Jake.  Jake would suck down a bottle in five didn't matter if it was cold or hot.  When Jake was ready to eat, he was ready to EAT! 
Sleeping Habits: Josh sleeps 3-4 hour stretches at night in the pack-n-play set up in our room.
Immunizations: Hepatitis B
Disposition:  Josh is very content baby.  He is so alert and just takes everything in!  He tracks objects very well.
Josh- One Month Old
Jake- One Month Old

Josh's Stats at Two Months Old:
Height: 23 in(50%)-------> comparison to big bro: 22.5in
Weight: 11lb 13oz(50%)------->comparison to big bro: 12lb 4oz
Eating Habits: Josh eats 4-5oz every three hours.  He doesn't take nearly as long to finish a bottle.
Sleeping Habits: Josh sleeps 6-8 hour stretches at night.  Michael kicked him out of our room, it was a sad day for me.  I really wanted to hang on to that time of having a sweet baby sleeping with us because I'll never get to have that again.
Immunizations: DTap, Rotavirus, Polio, and PCV 7
Disposition:  Josh is such a sweet heart!  He continues to be SO laid back.  His first smile was on Christmas Eve, he slept 8 hours on New Years Eve, and he rolled from his belly to his back on 1/21/15!  He has amazing head control and loves to come to the gym with me and Jake.  He absolutely adores Jake and watches his every move, and Joshie LOVES being snuggled by Michael.
Josh- Two Months Old
Jake- Two Months Old
Josh's Stats at 3 Months Old:
Weight: 15lb -------> comparison to big bro: 14lb
Eating Habits: 6-7 oz every three hours.  Josh has improved so much on taking his bottle.  He doesn't take as long to finish his bottle.  His appetite is becoming more and more like Jake Man's appetite at that age.  If it continues the way it does, both boys will eat us out of our house!
Sleeping Habits: 8-12 hours at night along with 2-3 naps during the day.  Josh is still an AMAZING sleeper!
Immunizations: No shots for the 3rd month!
Disposition: Josh is such a great baby!  He has the sweetest disposition and is so happy!  He is even more laid back than Jake at that age.  He is rolling from belly to back more and more!  He'll even roll from his back to his side.  He is such an amazing baby!

Josh at 3 Months

Jake at 3 Months

Jake and Josh